How Horse Riding Apparel & Equipment Can Help Riders Beat the Heat

All winter long, you look forward to the warm days of summer, knowing how much you will enjoy going pleasure riding and trail riding without the discomfort of freezing temperatures. Now that summer is here, you might be wondering what on Earth you had been thinking as the sweat drips into eyes and your horse has never seemed more irritated or lethargic.

Your trail and pleasure rides of summer can be made far more safe and comfortable with the appropriate horse riding apparel, horse riding equipment and the proper hydration. As you and your horse sweat, you lose critical amounts of water that your bodies need to function and stay cool. Providing your horse and yourself with significant increases in fresh, cool water is the first step to making your summer pleasure rides safer and more enjoyable.

A Well Cared For Horse Is A Happy Horse

Your horse will be far more responsive and manageable on your summer trail and pleasure rides if he or she is healthy, hydrated and wearing the appropriate horse riding equipment. Salt is a critical component of summer health, as it allows you and your horse to hang on to as much water as possible. Horse riding school london Be sure that your horse has access to a mineralized salt lick and plenty of fresh, cool water whenever possible. Excessive sweating, in horses as well as people, can result in a serious loss of fluids and electrolytes, a potentially fatal situation.

The proper horse riding equipment is equally important. During the summer months, you will want to use the lightest saddle possible and a saddle blanket or saddle pad that prevents chaffing as it wicks away moisture. In addition, you will want to keep your other horse riding equipment to a minimum. If a piece of horse riding equipment is not necessary to your safety or the management of your horse leave it in the tack room. Your horse needs to sweat to stay cool. Too much equipment can interfere with this natural process, resulting in an overheated animal that will be less cooperative at best and in danger of hypothermia in the worst-case situation.

Your Head Isn’t The Only Thing You Need To Keep Cool When Riding In Summer

Everyone knows that a cool head is necessary when riding horses. Being the panicky creatures that they are, horses often overreact and put themselves and their riders at risk as their flight response takes over. To help you stay cool, calm and collected, you need to wear horse riding apparel that allows you to be physically comfortable while maintaining good contact with your horse during the hot summer months.

Luckily, there are many fabrics that take advantage of modern technology to wick away moisture while allowing you to maintain good contact with your horse. The stars of summer horse riding apparel are cotton and bamboo. These materials are naturally breathable, which means they help your skin stay cool as your sweat evaporates. Both fabrics are generally manufactured with the addition of Lycra or spandex to provide you with the comfort and flexibility you need to move freely while maintaining contact with your horse. Avoid the temptation to wear something light and baggy form home while on a trail or pleasure ride. They will not protect you from chaffing and they can be potentially dangerous, especially out on a trail ride.

A Quick Look at NFL Europe

NFL Europe was the NFL’s attempt to spread American Football to the rest of the world. While the sport never truly picked up momentum in the rest of the world NFL Europe played an important role in developing younger players who were not yet ready for the NFL.

Originally founded in 1991 the NFL hoped to use the NFL Europe as a stepping stone to joining the global sports market. While the NFL had become the most popular sports League in the US it had not attained the kind of international marketability that sports like Baseball, and Basketball had come to enjoy.

In it’s first incarnation it was known as the World League of American Football, or the WLAF. There were 10 original teams which competed for the a spot in the World Bowl. Six of the teams were American, three were based in Europe, and one was Canadian. The NFL Europe failed to generate substantial interest in Europe, or the US, and in 1993 the League pulled the plug on the operation.

In 1997 the NFL revived the idea for NFL Europe NFL fantasy prediction  , however they abandoned the idea of using it to truly tap into the world market, and re-conceived it as a developmental league. The NFL decided to use strictly European teams, as opposed to using American teams in the league.

The NFL Europe had six teams, that played a total of 10 regular season games. The six teams existed in a single division, and instead of a playoff format the World Bowl contenders consisted of the two teams that held the best regular season records.

One of the biggest issues encountered in the later days of NFL Europe was a constant air of instability. Several of the original teams folded, and had to replaced by other teams. Some teams had trouble finding home stadiums to play in, and the season was often cut short by the FIFA World Cup which used several of the stadiums.

In 2007 the NFL Europe was officially disbanded. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that that it was the “best business decision”, as the league had reported losses near 30 million dollars per season. Goodell thanked fans for their support of the endeavor, but stated that the NFL would need another way to tap into the international market, and develop new players.

Since the termination of NFL Europe the NFL has made limited attempts to tap into the European market. A single regular season game is played in London every year, and there has been some discussion of hosting a Super Bowl in London. The NFL still hopes to find some way to access the European market, how that will be done has yet to be decided.